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Leeric Lodge & Resort

Your Middle Tennessee Getaway

on Center Hill Lake

Leeric (sounds like lyric) Lodge and Resort on Center Hill Lake is located in Silver Point, Tennessee; we are just an hour east of Nashville, equally distanced an hour and a half north of Chattanooga and west of Knoxville.

We offer overnight lodging, specializing in intimate destination weddings and events with guest counts rarely going over 125 at the Lodge and 200 at Meadowvale. Both location on our Private 20 acre estate offer the majestic views of the water and mountains in the foreground

After many years of looking for the right location, we found the perfect setting to share our passion with our guests. Our lodge in the last two years has been a work of love; as we have been designing and creating new spaces and elements we’ve always dreamed of for our guests.


Our hope is that you find the natural beauty of Center Hill Lake and the Upper Cumberland Mountains infused throughout our refined Lodge. With the outdoors complimenting the harmony of quiet spaces, and a homey feel with our indoor spaces, each reflecting warmth and comfort. Our Lodge offers you and your VIP guests inspiring spaces to create special moments.  The owners take special attention to ensure each guest is greeted with southern hospitality and charm throughout your event.

Those who most enjoy our venue most are those looking to experience a beautiful backdrop with water views, mountains and foliage as their backdrop.

The backdrop is perfect to view from the Grand Reception room as the floor to ceiling windows allow this beauty in for you and your guests to experience throughout your day. If you have a love for natural beauty with highest quality enhancements of florals, twinkling lights and greenery, our venue is sure to please.


Our Work in Action

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