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Hi There!

after eight years of full-time RV traveling - the two of us love this lifestyle; but that is not to say it doesn't come with everyday struggles. We are not retired. I believe that is the most asked question we get because we are so young. (well...we were when we started, hehe!) We had been traveling along with our daughter work camping. We work at campgrounds in the summer or seasonal businesses which allow us to live and travel. And yes, as we've traveled here in the states and in other countries, we've seen there is something to give other travelers, rver's and those who share the same passion for live events with special venues. Something that is missing; something unique. 

We want to create space where your mind can find rest. Where you can find comfort in nature - a place of serenity.

Each of our locations will have:

      > Some type of water, which has always been a must for our family whether it's a lake, hot tub, pool, not just the RV water connection. 

      > Food - a place to gather around. My husband loves a good BBQ, each location will have a BBQ or a good oven to cook in. 

     > Fire - a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors around the fire. My son-in-law, he is the master around the firepit. He enjoys a good fire in the evening to take in the grandeur of the night sky. 

     > Outdoor & Indoor Space - This is where my creativity is. I dream it, my husband builds it. Now together as a family we are creating spaces across the United States that are unique for others to enjoy. 

     > Our website, photographs, and edits are all done by our talented marketing team, lead by our daughter, who also picked up the love of travel while full-timing and is now a traveling photographer. She and our son-in-law are currently helping out through this winter and will be back in Colorado this next spring to chase their dreams, and we couldn't be more proud of them. 

Currently, my husband and I still have the love to travel and I love to create. Our Due West Designs are custom embroidery designs. They are one of a kind; there are no two designs alike - this is something I, Tina, have just started so bear with me as my custom pieces begin to grow, so do our new properties.

With our gypsy souls we hope to meet you in your travels; or your stay at one of our properties, like our beautiful destination wedding location in Silver Point Tennessee.

Either way, live the abundantly blessed life you have been given each day!

Paul & Tina Johnson

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