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Bridal Parlor - South Wing

4 Bedrooms & 2 1/2 Baths

Our South Wing is also known as our Bridal Parlor/Suite.  It has a full kitchen, dining, laundry room and living room.  The bedrooms are as follows:

Queen Suite with a twin trundle with a Private Balcony sleeping for 4

Our Bridal Dressing Room with a Queen Murphys Bed for 2 with its own private balcony

Our Bridal Suite Bonus Room with 6 trundle beds that make into 12 Twins or 6 Kings. 

These areas can accomodate up to 18  Plus the Honeymoon Suite for our special couple.

In addition, the Upper South Wing has an area all to itself with 7 vanities. 


Bridal Dressing Room

Tour the South Wing

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