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Why You Should Get Married on a Weekday

Getting married on a weekday is becoming more and more common as traditional wedding norms evolve. Many people may not understand the benefits of marrying on a weekday, but it can offer benefits for both the couple and their wedding guests. Here are 4 reasons that you may consider booking a weekday wedding:

1. Save $1,000's on Your Venue

Most wedding venues discount weekday wedding packages significantly in comparison to weekend dates. Weekend weddings are so popular, especially in peak seasons, and booking on a weekday ensures you will save your wallet and get married in the season that you want to. In addition, you may be able to book venues that were once out-of-budget if you choose a weekday date. Booking on a weekday almost ensures that you will get your dream wedding venue as they mostly book out weekend dates first.

2. Book the Vendors You Want

Like popular wedding venues, popular vendors who work in wedding-related services typically book out weekend dates first, so by choosing a weekday wedding, you are more likely to secure your first choice vendors. These vendors usually book up to 2 years out in advance, so this doesn't offer much wiggle-room on weekend dates. However, couples that book their weddings on a weekday don't have to compromise when it comes to booking the vendors that they want. In addition, some vendors even offer weekday booking specials as well!

3. More Intimate Celebration

Unfortunately, booking on a weekday may alter your guest list. However, this can kind of be seen as a positive. Sadly, some friends and family will not have the option to take off work, but those who do make the effort to take off work or hire a babysitter are the people you want at your wedding. Yes, it may be disappointing to not have everyone that you want at your wedding, but you will have more time to have more intimate conversations with the guests that do come. If you enjoy more intimate settings over larger groups of people, a weekday wedding may be exactly what you are looking for. This more intimate vibe allows you to be present with your guests and truly cherish all of the memories of the day.

4. Cheaper Travel Costs for Guests

Typically, all travel costs are cheaper on weekdays in comparison to weekend dates. Both hotels and airfare are considerably cheaper. Even of traveling on the road, gas prices are typically cheaper on weekdays. Some couples forego the hotel lodging for their guests and instead, decide to chose a venue that offers overnight accommodations for the couple, friends, family, and the wedding party!


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